Bead Jewelry and My Adventures in Bead Weaving

I love trying new things. Recently I have been watching quite a few tutorials on bead weaving. Bead weaving is a general term for a wide variety of techniques such as loom weaving or off-loom stitches such as peyote, brick, and square stitch just to name a few. I have geared more towards square stitch because of my knitting and crochet background. Seed beads are slightly taller then they are wide, and in square stitch designing a pattern is very similar to designing an image for a knit pattern in how the stitches are setup.

heart square stitch
Example of a Square Stitch Design

I have become a bit addicted designing new charms for necklaces, and it’s been a good break from larger projects. The lovely thing for you is that I am putting these adorable necklaces in my shop as well should you want one of your very own. Currently I’m on a beach theme with the summer months, and designing all of my favorite salt water fish.  My first posted necklace is of the Blue Hippo Tang. I will later be adding Clownfish, Starfish, and other colorful and wonderful fish. At some point I will get back to the beach, but until then this will suffice.

hippo tang necklace
Hippo Tang Bead Necklace – Etsy Listing