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Learning New Things at Creative Live

I adore learning new things. There is always a new technique or way of doing things when it comes to creating. This is why I wanted to share a new website I have come across lately thanks to the lovely lady Vickie Howell. Vickie Howell did a class called “Monetize your Craft.” It gave me a ton of ideas about what sort of changes I would like to see with Raveled Stitch.  I had never heard of the company Creative Live before, but the excitement Vickie had around it piqued my interest. I now understand her excitement.

Creative Live believes in free education, and they give you the opportunity to watch classes live while they are on air for free. They even rebroadcast it for the rest of the day as well as a few other select dates if you missed it.  Missed a broadcast completely or just want to watch it over and over again on your own schedule? You also have the option to purchase the class to watch it whenever you would like. When you do purchase the class you get bonus material, and the option to download sections so you can watch offline while on the go.

Vickie Howell is just one instructor. There are tons of classes on everything from business marketing, photography and music to crocheting, knitting, art, and life coaching. It’s all geared to make you more creative, and to expand your knowledge. It’s worth taking a look. You never know, you just might learn something new.

Learning with Creative Live

Creative Live’s On Air Schedule/Calendar

See Vickie Howell’s in her Knit Maker and Crochet Maker Courses

Creative Live Craft & Maker Classes – April 2016

Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques
with Vickie Howell

Knit Maker: Skills & Technique
with Vickie Howell

APR 25-26
Knit Maker 101
with Vickie Howell

APR 26-27
Crochet Maker 101
with Vickie Howell

APR 27-28
Introduction to Cross-Stitch
with Lisa Shaffer

APR 28-29
Making Fabric and Yarn with Sweaters
with Blair Stocker

APR 29-30
Knit Maker 102
with Vickie Howell

APR-MAY 30-1
Crochet Maker 102
with Vickie Howell