Crochet Mittens Craftsy Class Review

I, Ashley, can’t resist buying Craftsy classes. See, I can admit it. I’ve been crocheting for quite awhile, but even with what seems like a simple beginner class I always learn something new to better my crochet techniques.

If you haven’t taken a Craftsy class before they are online classes that you can access at anytime. The best part is you can replay any portion of the video in case you get stuck or need clarification. The videos are high quality, and incorporate multiple angles. The instructors even give multiple examples, as well as tips and tricks that can be used to make it easier to learn. If you do get stuck, and can’t figure something out the instructor will be there to help in the virtual classroom to get you going again.

Crochet Mittens &  Fingerless Gloves Craftsy

Brenda Anderson’s Crochet Mittens & Fingerless Gloves course may seem like just another set of patterns, but Brenda goes into a lot of information that you can take away to customize the patterns that are given or even some you may design yourself. The course goes over basics, as well as some more advanced techniques like cabling and color work. The biggest thing I took away from the course was how shaping was done. It allowed the gloves to fit the contours of your hand as opposed to being just a rectangular tube.

Brenda provides explanations, and a variety of examples showing how things may look differently if a different stitch or technique is used. The videos are bright and vibrant with clear instructions on where the hook should be inserted, and how the stitch is completed. If it seems daunting for a beginner Brenda provides modifications to begin with before working with the advanced options, such as a plain mitten without color work just to get the feel of how it’s made.

The course includes 3 main patterns. You could potentially make 6 different looks using the modifications and variations that Brenda explains throughout the course. The course also includes a few embellishments options such as a button strap or a flower to add some fun flair.

Finished Fingerless Gloves - Craftsy Class Project
Finished Fingerless Gloves – Craftsy Class Project

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*Class for the review was purchased on my own, and my review was my own as well.