Decoupage Hat Display

The most frustrating thing is when you make something, and then can’t find a way to display it properly. I have had an issue with photographing hats for a while now because I didn’t have a model available, and I didn’t have a display for them. Today was the day I fixed that. Wandering around Michael’s I found a foam mannequin head, and it was perfect, well sort of perfect. Just having a foam head wasn’t going to do. It took me a bit to figure out what to do with it. I also vaguely remember the Jeopardy theme song coming up at one point. My “Ah-Ha” moment came after I rummaged through my craft supplies to see what could be done. Eventually I turned the plain foam head into a decoupage display fitting for crochet hats. I chose a solid color instead of a patterned fabric because I didn’t want it to draw away from what it was displaying.  The fabric I chose was silk because I had it on hand. Silk is a thin fabric and when overlapped creates a mosaic effect, which is able to be seen once you apply the glue.

Decoupage Hat Display

After-Hat Display - raveledstitch.com
Before-Hat Display - raveledstitch.com


¼-1/2 yd of fabric (I would pick a fabric between a light to medium weight. You don’t want a fabric that is too heavy. It won’t adhere well.)

Mod Podge Matte

Clear Acrylic Spray (Tree House Studio High Gloss was used) – Optional



  1. You are going to want two shapes. 2”x2” Squares, and 2”x 1” rectangles. This allows you to switch out the shapes as needed as you work your way around. Don’t worry about cutting all the fabric at once. I would begin and then if needed you can cut more.
  1. Use a brush or your finger and apply the Mod Podge evenly on the foam head. Apply one of your cut outs and repeat the process. You will want to overlap the pieces about ¼”-1/2” Apply glue liberally, but in even coats.
  1. Optional – Once Mod Podge is dry use acrylic spray. Be sure to not spray too much or it will be drippy, and put clumps everywhere. I highly recommend doing this step outside.