Fabric Labels Tutorial

Fabric Labels Tutorial

I recently finalized my new logo. I wanted to design a logo that when made really small to put on a fabric label it would be able to be seen clearly. I have seen multiple tutorials around the internet, but I wanted to share what worked for me.

7/8″ Wide Ribbon – I used satin, but any ribbon that can be ironed will do
Iron-On Transfer Paper (Light Fabrics)

Photoshop CC- trial can be retrieved here
Word 2013 – trial can be retrieved here

Raveled Stitch Logo - raveledstitch.com
Raveled Stitch Logo

The first step after you have a logo is figuring out what size you want you labels. I wanted my labels to be vertical fold over labels. My logo would be about an inch, and then my website information would be 1/2″ on the other side.

With Photoshop open go to File –> New it will bring you to a menu (A). You can change the name to whatever you would like the width in my case would be .75 which is just a little bit smaller then the width of the ribbon so it will fit. The height will be 2″ so there will be an inch on each side of the item when folded over to sew it on. The setting you don’t want to skip over is the resolution. You want it to be 300 pixels. What this does is when the image is made smaller it won’t distort. It will make it so you can see it clearly. After all that is changed you will hit ok, and it will open your new blank canvas.

(A) Photoshop Settings for a New Canvas - raveledstitch.com
(A) Photoshop Settings for a New Canvas

You will need something to put in the blank canvas. Go to File –> Place from here it will let you choose the location of your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet or just prefer to have text you can skip this step. Move your logo to the location you want, and re-size it as needed.  Go to Edit –> Transform –> Flip Horizontal. This will flip the image so when you iron it on it will show correctly. The bottom half of the logo will be flipped up it will need to be flipped vertically and then horizontally. You can add text by hitting the T in the right sidebar. When you have the text positioned how you would want it then you can go to Edit –>Transform –> Flip Vertically, Edit –> Transform–>Flip Horizontallyphotoshop preview for labels tutorial - raveledstitch.com

When you have everything just right go to File –>Save As. Choose where you would like the file to save and the name. When choosing the file type right below the name in the drop down menu choose .PNG. Remember where you saved the .png file and close Photoshop

You now have a finished label. If you made it this far feel free to congratulate yourself for a moment as you open Microsoft Office Word to continue. In a blank document click on the Mailings tab at the top and click Labels it will bring up menu (B) Under where it says label and has the small label preview click on the small image. It will bring up a new menu where you can adjust how you want you label to look like (C). Change all the settings to match Menu (C). Continue to hit Ok once the changes are made to get back to Menu (B). Once at Menu (B) click on New Document

Word Menu (B) - raveledstitch.com
Word Menu (B)
custom word label - raveledstitch.com
Word Menu (C)


When you make the new document Word will open a page with your grid for your labels. In the Mailings tab click on Start Mail Merge and choose Labels. Hit Ok to the prompts that come up. Now that you have your grid you need your label to go into it. Click on the Insert tab, and click on Pictures. Choose your picture and click ok. Your logo will not appear in the first block of the grid. With the image in place Word will bring up a new tab called Format. Click on Position, and  choose Middle Center with Square Text Wrapping it will be the preview that has the image in the center. This will make sure the logo is in the center of the grid.

center settings for labels tutorial- raveledstitch.com

The last step is to make the changes for the single label work for all the rest. Under the Mailings tab click on Update Labels. You will see the image fill in all the other blocks. You can save this document to print further labels that way you don’t have to go through the steps over again.

preview word settings fabric labels - raveledstitch.com

Continue with the instructions for the specific iron on transfer paper purchased, and print out on the iron on sheet and iron on the labels to the ribbon you chose. Make sure to leave a little space in between each label when put on the ribbon. I left about 1/2″. You will cut in between that leaving 1/4″ to fold over and sew onto your finished item.Finished fabric labels ready for to be sewn on items - raveledstitch.com