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My First Craft Table

I recently got my first craft table at a local coffee shop. I have a big online presence, but I don’t sell a lot in person. Taking a leap of faith I tried it out. This isn’t one of those everything worked out wonderfully the first time posts, but more of giving you an idea that not everything goes to plan.

I had high hopes for having my own table. I showed up early. Had a decent setup for a first timer. The only thing I had left was to wait. I waited patiently, and then waited some more, and then dreaded the fact that it was raining. Mother Nature was against me. I sat at the coffee shop with the other table vendors chatting away as we enjoyed each others company because there was no traffic.

It had rained the previous day, and I was hoping the chance of rain would not hold true during the event, but it did. It’s just one of those things that happens. The event was four hours. I made it to hour three. In the three hours I spoke with three people. It was a bit disheartening; I will admit that. I did however get to meet some other local artists, get some of my favorite coffee, and I could at least say I tried.

This post was important for me to write and get out into the world. Things on the internet can seem like everything just falls into place, but things happen. I will be trying again very soon, and hopefully my luck turns around. Even if it doesn’t, I’m am just starting out in the world of selling in person, and it may take some adjustments. If you have any helpful tips I would love to hear them.

My Table Setup