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Halloween C2C Blanket Part 3

The Halloween fun is starting to end. Here are the last 6 blocks of the Halloween C2C Blanket. If you are just joining in don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up. I have also put together a mock up of the finished blanket. This is just one arrangement. Organize it to your likeness, and give it your own personal touch. Each square will have it’s own color background of your choosing, currently the only squares that have it in the mock up are those with white on the outside so it’s easier to see the chart.

Halloween C2C Blanket Full - Raveled Stitch

Square 15 –Spider 20×20 – Raveled Stitch

Square 16 –Frankenstein 20×20 – Raveled Stitch

Square 17 –Skeleton Key 20×20 – Raveled Stitch

Square 18 –Vamp Fangs 20×20 – Raveled Stitch

Square 19 – Candy 20×20 – Raveled Stitch

Square 20 – Zombie Heart 20×20 – Raveled Stitch

I recently found a new type of yarn bobbin. What I am used to seeing in stores is a flat plastic piece you wrap the yarn around with a notch at the top, which will work in a pinch, but it’s hard to get the yarn to easily come out as your are working. In comes Knit Picks Knitting Bobbins. I have also seen these labeled as Kumihimo Bobbins, but they will be a bit small. Worsted weight yarn will fit in the medium size, which is what is in stock in stores such as Michael’s, but I would highly recommend getting the largest size so you aren’t refilling the bobbin as often. This leads to less ends to weave in, and we would all love that. haha

yarn bobbins
Knit Picks Knitting Bobbins 

Ready to put it all together? If so you work very quickly. Congrats on finishing up. I would recommend using the invisible seam to join them together. The video below is from Lion Brand Yarn, and is a terrific example on how to join two squares together. Have fun with it. You can always make the blanket bigger by playing around with borders.

Lion Brand Yarn -How to Invisibly Seam Granny Squares

I would love to see what you guys come up with! Feel free to post any pictures on my Facebook page to share with myself and other members.


Happy Halloween!