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Handmade Yarn Jewelry

I have been taking a small break from knitting and crocheting, and making jewelry that is still yarn themed. So I must admit I have been a bit behind lately. I, Ashley, am a procrastinator. See? I can admit it. I finally finished my list of gifts to make, and have been making a few smaller projects that I have been anxious to share. Polymer clay is a great medium although can be a bit fussy to work with until you get the hang of it. My handmade yarn jewelry is molded, baked, and glazed. It’s a bit of a lengthy process, but well worth it. They also make great gifts! You can find all of my listings on Etsy. Want a different color? Feel free to ask. I have a bunch of clay, and I’m sure I can find the color you need. I am also working on a series of stitch markers which will be coming soon.

Warm Knit Heart Earrings

Clay Knit Earrings Jewelry


Yarn Ball Bracelet

Yarn Ball Bracelet Jewelry