Inkle Plain Weave Guitar Strap

If you have been following along with the last post regarding inkle weaving there were some progress photos of what I was working on. It was a guitar strap. I gathered the hardware, and created the leather ends. The hardware gives it a much more professional look. It ended up being 2″ wide, and is also adjustable from 29″-39″.

Guitar Strap Inkle Raveled Stitch

Free Pattern

I have been rather excited about how this project came out. In celebration I have created a small pattern if you would like to try inkle weaving on your own. The pattern below creates a 1″ band using #5 crochet thread. It’s perfect for a small key chain. Click on the photo below to enlarge it.

I would love to see what you make don’t forget to tag @raveledstitch with your photos.