Inkle Weaving Adventures

What is Inkle Weaving?:

Inkle Weaving is a specific type of weaving to make narrow bands. These bands can be used for purse straps, leashes, dog collars, belts, etc. The list is pretty endless. The bands can also be sewn together to make a fabric to make things such as small bags.

Inkle Key Fob
Key Fob using an Inkle Band


To make inkle bands you needs an inkle loom. I had a friend of mine make a loom for me. If you have a bit of wood working experience the pieces aren’t too complex. I however am terrible at working with power tools. Once you have a loom you will need yarn or thread. You can use just about anything, but what works best is mercerized cotton as it won’t pill of become fuzzy as you are weaving.

Plans to make your own Inkle Loom such as the one pictured below:

inkle loom
Inkle Loom


The amount of threads you have as well as how thick your threads are will determine the thickness of your band. The example below shows #5 cotton thread. I have warped 121 threads to equal a 2″ band once woven. The threads laid side by side on the loom measured 4″, once woven and compressed it went down to 2″. You do so using your weft thread, which is the thread that will be woven back and forth through your piece.

Warp Example
Warp Example
Inkle Weaving Example
Inkle Weaving Example showing the weft thread.


With anything new you are learning it will take time. The biggest issue I ran into was keeping my edges straight. I use a ruler to make sure I stay in line, but overall it’s just practice and getting a feel for it. I would highly recommend trying it out. If you are a knitter or crocheter these bands can be added to your designs. I tend to use them as purse straps as they do not stretch.  I would love to see your projects. How would you use your inkle bands?

Mochila using Inkle Strap
Crochet Mochila Bag using Inkle Strap