Naturally Nazareth by Kraemer Yarn

Natural fiber is my favorite fiber to use. When Kraemer Yarns wanted me to try out Naturally Nazareth I couldn’t wait to try it. Trying out new yarn has been a lot of fun lately.

The Yarn

I received three beautiful skeins of Naturally Nazareth in the color Jack O’ Lantern from Kraemer Yarns to try. It’s a wonderful rustic orange color with subtle flecks of yellow. Each skein has 3.5oz/200yds of a merino wool blend. It has more of a natural wool texture similar to Falkland. It is a blend with Merino wool putting it in the middle of a rougher wool and 100% Merino.


Stitch Definition

Due to the sturdiness of the yarn itself. It yields exceptional stitch definition. This scarf is a mixture of SC, HDC, and Puff Stitch. You can see the puff stitches hold their shape, and stay lifted. Cables would also work well with this yarn.



I would recommend trying out this yarn to see if it would work for you. It is a skein to have on hand in your yarn stash for those stitches you want to pop. Once you start working with a variety of yarns on your own you will start to get an idea of preferences, and what would work best with the projects/patterns that are being attempted.

For more information about Kramer Yarns visit , or check them out if you are local to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.