Weave-It Pin Loom and Adventures in Weaving

There has been a renewed interest in pin looms. One of the most popular pin looms were the Weave-Its. Weave-Its came out in the early 1930’s and continued in popularity through the 1970’s. A pin loom allows you to take a small amount of yarn and weave a square easily that can then be joined together to make a variety of projects such as bags, afghans, or rugs. A square from a 4″ Weave-It pin loom takes about 8 yards of yarn.  You can make a lot of squares out of such a small amount of yarn making this a perfect stash buster project.

4" Weave-it Square Pin Loom
4″ Weave-it Square Pin Loom

The 4″ Weave-It pin loom works best with a fingering/sock weight and sport weight. This allows the square to have a small amount of drape while still making it a solid square perfect for shawls or blankets when pieced together. If you take a look at the photo below you can see how the different yarn will affect the square outcome. How you want the square to come out will change depending on the project you have in mind. If you want a more lace shawl you will want to use thinner yarn. These examples are all done using the same yarn the entire square with plain weave.

Variety of yarn that can be used with the 4" Weave-it pin loom
Yarn Comparison with the 4″ Weave-It From Top to Bottom and Left to Right: Sport Weight Yarn, Sock Yarn, #3 Crochet Cotton

Now you have the 4″ Weave-it, but you have thicker yarn you want to use. Weave-It came out with the 5″ Weave-It Rug Loom. This loom is a bit larger, but it also has less pins to compensate for the density of the thicker yarn. This pin loom can be used with a worsted to bulky weight. A lot of users have had great luck in using art yarn or fabric strips as well.

5" Weave-It Rug Loom
5″ Weave-It Rug Loom

You can fit worsted weight on the 4″ Weave-It pin loom, however it becomes difficult to weave as the square is completed, and creates a very dense square. Be very careful doing so because you don’t want to bend your pins.  You can use this to your advantage. A denser square would make a great coaster or for the outside of a bag. In the photo below I used the same worsted weight yarn, and used it on both looms so you can see the density changes.

4" pin loom vs 5" pin loom with the same worsted weight yarn
Same Worsted Weight Yarn used on the 4″ Weave-it (Left) and 5″ Weave-It Rug Loom (Right)

Where to Buy

The most popular place to find Weave-Its are eBay. New postings show up almost daily, and the average price at around $20. You can also find a few on Etsy as well. Some sellers make looms that are similar, but may not be the Weave-It Brand.

Schacht also made a new version called the Zoom Loom. This can be purchased from places like Joann or

More Information

Want more information on Pin Looms? eLoomaNation is a wonderful resource that even includes some of the original pattern books that can be downloaded for free. eLoomaNation also has information about other popular pin looms as well that were released around the same time as the Weave-It