Reddit Yarn Exchange is Open

The Reddit Yarn Exchange is Open!

I have participated in multiple exchanges hosted by Reddit Gifts. It’s a fun experience to share what you love with someone else with similar interests. The exchange I always participate in is the Yarn Exchange. The most exciting part is being able to share my favorite yarns with someone else.

What’s Required?

  1. Sign up through Reddit Gifts.
  2. Choose an open exchange to participate in.
  3. A recommended amount to spend is $20, however the goal for the exchange is to put together a thoughtful gift.
  4. Ship the gift in the appropriate amount of time as defined by the exchange.

What other exchanges are there?

Reddit Gifts cycle out different exchanges to have a bit of something for everyone. A few examples of different exchange categories beyond Yarn are Snacks, Yoga, Dogs, Cats, Alice in Wonderland, and Cozy Toes. Pretty much anything you can possibly think of as a category has been an exchange.

My Experience

I had some concerns with my first exchange. I was unsure about costs, and about not receiving a gift in return. These are all valid, but Reddit creates a platform that makes it fun for everyone involved. You have the option to participate with people internationally if you would like. You also the option to sign up as a “Rematch Santa.” Rematch Santas are people who love giving, and anyone that may not have received a gift they will send one to that person as well as their original match.

It helps that the exchanges are defined by interest. This tends to keep people excited throughout the exchange to receive and share common interests with someone new. I would highly recommend checking out the gallery, and seeing some experiences.

Maybe I will get one of you to send some lovely yarn to. If you have signed up I would love to hear about it.


One of the Exchange Packages I have received.