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Happy New Year, Spinning into 2017!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been a bit busy with the holidays, but I have also been putting together some new ideas for Raveled Stitch. Hand spun yarn will be in the shop soon! How exciting is that?

A Little DIY

If you remember my last post I had mentioned trying to build my own spinning wheel. I successfully made a working wheel. This was a great introduction before investing in a proper wheel. Consistency is a struggle on the home made wheel, and the Irish tension had only allowed me to make a worsted to bulky weight yarn. With enough practice in I realized spinning was something I wanted to progress in.

homemade spinning wheel diy

Spinolution Pollywog

I purchased a spinning wheel for Christmas.  The Spinolution Pollywog caught my eye in being both diverse and affordable. It has been a wonderful wheel to work with. The best part is as I progress in spinning it has add-ons to grow as I do so I don’t have to purchase an entirely new wheel. The scotch tension, and different ratios allows me to spin from thin to bulky weight all in a small, lightweight, portable setup. I am not an affiliate of Spinolution at this time, however I love the wheel so much I may become a dealer in the future. This is simply my personal review of having bought one for myself.

I do hope you all give spinning a try in some way whether you have access to a spinning wheel or simply a drop spindle. It’s a calming activity that gives knitters and crocheters a break from counting stitches. An added bonus is I have found it calms my dog as well. He likes to watch the wheel spin and gradually falls asleep.


First Hank off of my new spinning wheel #spinning #spinnersofinstagram #yarn

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